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X-Golf Avonhead Brings Golf Indoors

Golf simulators come in handy when time restraints or weather conditions limit play. Of course, traveling the world to play on internationally famous golf courses may be preferable, but it’s not always an option… until now at X-Golf Avonhead – Christchurch’s first and only indoor golf and entertainment venue – where you can play some of the world’s greatest courses without leaving town!

The opening of X-Golf Avonhead in December 2015 was a first for New Zealand. However, X-Golf was founded in 2005, and since then over 3,000 systems have been sold worldwide, providing golf enthusiasts with a unique experience that emphasises innovation and accuracy.

Through the use of strategically-placed optical sensors, X-Golf tracks extensive swing data, providing detailed shot information and video analysis.

The simulators come equipped with multiple sensors that capture one million data points per second and software that processes the information at 6,000 times per second. X-Golf even measures the spin and velocity of the ball.

The history behind X-Golf and its Australasian roots, stems from Australian entrepreneur, Ben Styles. His passion and skill set has grown the X-Golf brand from the reaches of Korea to the southern regions of the world. Directors of X-Golf Avonhead, Brian and Louis Vieceli are keen golfers and two of the leading men behind Christchurch’s thriving hospitality industry. Their envision of opening of X-Golf, providing them with the perfect mix of golf and hospitality under one roof. However, one element they didn’t envision was the response from non-golfers. “We have seen a vast range of golfing clientele, but it’s quite surprising how many people have never played golf before. By talking to customers and gauging their playing ability, only 30 percent play golf regularly,” explains Nigel Davis, manager of X-Golf Avonhead.

He adds, “While golf membership numbers are decreasing, it is exciting seeing what X-Golf is doing for the golfing community. We have had many first time golfers who are enjoying their time with us, along with our regular golfers who are enjoying the benefits of simulators, such as working on their technique.”

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