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Golf Coaching at X-Golf Avonhead

How do you play golf?

You may have swung a club, a parent or friend took you down to the range, hit a few shots on the course but that’s as far as you went in golf.

If you are looking to improve your skills, a few lessons with a PGA Professional will send you on the right path.
X-Golf Avonhead offers a friendly environment where you can learn golf while having a couple of refreshments to relax. The emphasis is on enjoyment and providing tips that will help you improve.
There is no taking notes in these classes and practice is the best remedy for perfection.

In a short time, you will learn the fundamentals of the swing, find out how to get the ball in the air and how to enjoy your time on the course.

If this sounds like you, phone us on 03 358 8610 to find out more!!