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Lions vs All Blacks viewing event

June, 2017

Where will you watch the mighty All Blacks take on the British and Irish Lions? Ring now  to secure a booth for 10 people. Stadium seating, Dinner, Drinks and the best screens in town. Live and Loud!

Playing golf in Christchurch

March, 2017

There is an abundance of wonderful golf courses in the garden city.
We are blessed to have three international golf resorts and numerous parklands courses.
The city has hosted numerous New Zealand Opens (both men and women), PGA championships and a multitude of amateur events.
The most recognised amateur event was the 1990 Eisenhower Trophy. New Zealand finished in a tie for second with the strong USA team that included new comers Phil Mickleson and David Duval.

After the devastating 2011 earthquakes, a lot of our loved courses were reshaped. The destruction altered the landscape, large areas of liquefaction formed and damage caused to many club houses.

The relentless passion from club members, management and greens staff brought to life a new era of golf in Christchurch.
We can proudly say we have some of the best golf courses in the world.

New Summer Menu

February, 2017

Come into X-Golf Avonhead and try our new summer menu.

Our Master Chef Scott Gibbs has added some wonderful meals and the Triple Triple burger, Jamaican chicken Salad and crowd favourite Rump Steak have ensured a trifecta.

Each night we have mouth-watering specials, including Tiger Tuesdays ($15 burger or pizza) and Arnold Palmer Wednesdays ($15.00 Chicken Parmigiana).

Come down and get a taste of greatness!!

What it takes to become a PGA Professional

February, 2017

You can play great golf but how do you get to the next level?

It is every aspiring golfer’s dream to play on the PGA Tour and wear the green jacket.
The road to the top involves dedication like no other and an unrelentless amount of time on the driving range.

Competition play is one of the best ways to improve one’s skill and tests yourself against other likeminded champions.
Nothing beats the time you spend on the course and is a must to rotate between time on the range and playing holes.

In an ever-competitive world, not only do we need to be physically fit but have a mind that can deal with setbacks, high expectations and uncontrolled pressure.

There are many roads to the top and no route is ever the same. If you believe you can do it, trust yourself and achieve your dreams!!

Make the most of Summer

February, 2017

Summer is a great time to play golf, the weather is nice and warm, the days are long and the ball runs like mad.

Your scoring is on fire and passion for the game has been ignited.

While you are in this mode, do make the most of your time on the range, most importantly, the overlooked short game practice.
If you have a green you can chip to play a variety of shots.
Learn how to play the bump and run, hit floating lob shots and control where your ball lands. Don’t always play from a nice lie but move to tricky positions.

It would be great to hit every green in regulation but more-often-than-not 30% of our shots are played within 50 metres of the hole.
If you can master this zone, you will dramatically improve your scoring.

Let us know what you need help with and we can prescribe a great short game drill.

Golf Coaching at X-Golf Avonhead

February, 2017

How do you play golf?

You may have swung a club, a parent or friend took you down to the range, hit a few shots on the course but that’s as far as you went in golf.

If you are looking to improve your skills, a few lessons with a PGA Professional will send you on the right path.
X-Golf Avonhead offers a friendly environment where you can learn golf while having a couple of refreshments to relax. The emphasis is on enjoyment and providing tips that will help you improve.
There is no taking notes in these classes and practice is the best remedy for perfection.

In a short time, you will learn the fundamentals of the swing, find out how to get the ball in the air and how to enjoy your time on the course.

If this sounds like you, phone us on 03 358 8610 to find out more!!

Team Whack and Gap are our new X-League Champions

September, 2016


On the 12th of September X-League series two came to a dramatic close as the two remaining power house teams, Whack and Gap and The Canardlys, battled head-to-head over 18 holes.

Game one – PGA Professional Jordon Latter took on the mighty Jake Hallinan. This battle was neck and neck all the way. Not much separated the two and a water ball on the 18th changed the result of the game and awarded the first win to Jordon.

Game two – Jesse was on fire and not much was going to get in his way. Shooting 2 over when the game finished it was always going to be a challenge for Steve, let alone anyone who would have played.

Game three – The third match was a delight to watch and both Sam and Chris put on a golfing exhibition. Chris was unstoppable with his fairway seeking drivers which nearly matched Sam’s accuracy and length off the tee.

All tied up after 18, the pair went into a sudden death play-off. Both players hit booming drives down the first.

Approach shots were close and Sam had the upper edge when receiving a 2 metre gimmie.

Chris had in line a gentle breaking 5 metre putt, he ever so slightly missed to the right and handed Team Whack and Gap the win.

In the other major games of the night, Team Shack claimed 3rd place over Team Shirley and The Fillins beat 2 ½ White Men to win the “M1 Trophy”.

We congratulate all the teams that entered and you all provided a lot of entertainment!!

The next series will start on the 3rd of October and full details will be released within the week.

The X-Golf Trans-Tasman Cup

August, 2016

This August brings the Bledisloe Cup to Australia and New Zealand, and along with the rest of the countries rugby fans, X-Golf players will be celebrating in style and taking part in their own Trans-Tasman competition.
For those that don’t know X-Golf, the indoor simulator company now has venues available in New Zealand (The Avonhead Tavern, Christchurch) and across Australia (Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Albury). For this competition it is X-Golf Avonhead vs X-Golf Malvern, the first X-Golf venues to open in each country and flag bearers for this exciting event.
Two person teams can participate in the event and places will be available for any budding golfers or first timers looking to represent their venue in the inaugural X-Golf Trans-Tasman Cup. Entry is $40 per player for 18 holes and the handicaps will be applied post round to those that do not already have an X-Golf handicap.

Get in to X-Golf Malvern or X-Golf Avonhead during business hours this Friday the 19th to Sunday the 21st or Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th and post a score.

The top ten scores recorded over the two weekends will go towards the country total, and the lowest country total will take home the cup until next year.
Bookings will be required and please contact the participating venues for more information on how to play.

Peter Nolan – License Development Manager
X-Golf Australasia

Hit More Fairways

August, 2016

XGolf HR-10

If you want to hit more fairways, book in a lesson with a PGA Professional.

Our experienced coaches Nigel Davis and Jason Tilley will help you with every element in your game, whether you want to improve your chipping, irons shots or want some extra distance in your drives.

Our state-of-the-art simulators offer data such as club head / ball speed, launch angle, swing path and angle of attack. All of which are helpful when working on improvements in your swing.

We even have a simulator set up specifically for coaching and with a click of a button you can see your swing on the big screen.

There is no need to rush back to the pro shop and see your swing, you can do it all here.

You can book in a 30 or 60-minute session and we also have group packages.

We teach all ages and there is no swing we can’t help!!

Have a look at our videos for some expert tips.

If you would like to book a lesson phone 03 3588610 or email

X-Golf Avonhead Brings Golf Indoors

July, 2016

Golf simulators come in handy when time restraints or weather conditions limit play. Of course, traveling the world to play on internationally famous golf courses may be preferable, but it’s not always an option… until now at X-Golf Avonhead – Christchurch’s first and only indoor golf and entertainment venue – where you can play some of the world’s greatest courses without leaving town!

The opening of X-Golf Avonhead in December 2015 was a first for New Zealand. However, X-Golf was founded in 2005, and since then over 3,000 systems have been sold worldwide, providing golf enthusiasts with a unique experience that emphasises innovation and accuracy.

Through the use of strategically-placed optical sensors, X-Golf tracks extensive swing data, providing detailed shot information and video analysis.

The simulators come equipped with multiple sensors that capture one million data points per second and software that processes the information at 6,000 times per second. X-Golf even measures the spin and velocity of the ball.

The history behind X-Golf and its Australasian roots, stems from Australian entrepreneur, Ben Styles. His passion and skill set has grown the X-Golf brand from the reaches of Korea to the southern regions of the world. Directors of X-Golf Avonhead, Brian and Louis Vieceli are keen golfers and two of the leading men behind Christchurch’s thriving hospitality industry. Their envision of opening of X-Golf, providing them with the perfect mix of golf and hospitality under one roof. However, one element they didn’t envision was the response from non-golfers. “We have seen a vast range of golfing clientele, but it’s quite surprising how many people have never played golf before. By talking to customers and gauging their playing ability, only 30 percent play golf regularly,” explains Nigel Davis, manager of X-Golf Avonhead.

He adds, “While golf membership numbers are decreasing, it is exciting seeing what X-Golf is doing for the golfing community. We have had many first time golfers who are enjoying their time with us, along with our regular golfers who are enjoying the benefits of simulators, such as working on their technique.”

Find out more about X-Golf Avonhead.